Not the M Word was started as a way to not only record and process my own learnings along my journey to a brighter financial future, but also as a place to discuss and encourage dialogue with others.

I believe that what we’re taught about money (which isn’t much, frankly) is outdated and incomplete information at best, and at worst it’s responsible for the misinformation and financial hardship of the majority of the American population.

The way that our parents did things isn’t going to work for us (and isn’t working for most of them, either), and I passionately believe in doing my part to spread the word alongside my own journey to a life I love. These are things that impact us all and I strongly believe that we need to get comfortable talking about it.

It’s Not Too Late to Learn Financial Literacy

As much as I wish I’d had these realizations as a high school student, I was much too busy doing all the stupid things that most of us do when we embark on the journey to adulthood. On top of that, the majority of the financial advice I got as a teenager was of the usual substance: “Get an education,” “Work hard,” “Save your money.” Fine advice, but incomplete and misinformed.

I’m fortunate that I managed to get through college without any student loans (as did my husband), not the case for most of my peers. We’re still young enough to where we stand a chance of retiring early. We carry a 350K mortgage and live in the most expensive metro area in Texas, but when it comes to our goal of financial freedom, I take a lesson I learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad and ask myself “How can I afford that?” instead of, “I can’t afford that.”

Time is precious, and financial freedom is the foundation to taking yours back.


What is the “M Word?”

Many things–most of them things I probably don’t know, which admittedly gave me pause when I chose the title…but basically, it refers to two things:

a) Money
b) Millennials

Both of which tend to be tricky subjects, and “Millennial” especially has almost become a dirty word in its own right. However, disdained by millions or not, if the shoe fits one must wear it! I’m a proud millennial writing about money, careers, marriage (Oh! another M word!) and all of those other things that all of us are navigating separately, together.

Why do you want to retire early? Are you lazy?

I get asked this a lot, and it’s understandable. To me, early retirement isn’t about quitting work so I can sit on my a** and do nothing. It’s about autonomy. The freedom to pursue only the work that interests me. Freedom to travel for a month with my spouse without worrying about job security. In essence–freedom to live life on my own terms. I have trouble envisioning a life in which either of us stop working completely. As long as we’re physically able, we’ll keep busy.